How do you spell AWKWARD?


NICE QUESTION...Awkward...It's the most misspelled word in the English dictionary.
it's written ok
Just like that
lol, i had this problem at the weekend, textin someone and couldnt spell it. freaky that i noticed your question today. al be waiting for a correct answer too.
As you have written it!
The way you did, except with lower-case letters.
its written correctly
I thoughtfully lick the letters onto the skin of my neighbor on the bus.

And it's spelled correctly there. Congrats!
I visited Auk Ward. It was very awkward to get to.
Dunno! It's a bit too tricky for me!
oquard lol j/k awkward u have it right
Punch on a prom dress.
correct lol.
i'm not sure, its a very awkward word!
the meaning of AWKWARD

causing inconvenience: "they arrived at an awkward time"
lacking grace or skill in manner or movement or performance: "an awkward dancer"
difficult to handle or manage especially because of shape: "an awkward bundle to carry"
not elegant or graceful in expression: "an awkward prose style"
hard to deal with: especially causing pain or embarrassment
not at ease socially: unsure and constrained in manner
In the words of My old English Language Master at school: "As You have written it, so it is spelled". In other words, You got it right on the first try.
spellings are correct
it is pronounced aakwerd
Just like that.
You got it right
you answered your own question, but i get the 2 points :-)
extremely well but stop calling me awkward

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