What are some words with the word stem -greg- or -amat-?

Question:amat means love so stick to words with those meanings. also i need stems with -cise-, -gon- and -clam-.
clam- cry out
gon- angle
cise- cut

-GREG- (together): gregarious, aggregate, congregation, egregious (meaning outside the flock) segregate
-AMAT- (love): amatory, amateur
-CISE- (cut): concise, excise, precise, scissors, incision, circumcise. (less directly, pesticide, suicide, etc., chisel, recidivist)
-GON- (angle): pentagon, hexagon, etc.; polygon, diagonal, trigonometry (knee comes from the same root)
-CLAM- (cry out): proclaim, reclaim, declaim, exclaim, acclaim (also the -clamation forms these: proclamation, etc.), claim, clamor. ("clear" is related; its original meaning related to crying out clearly.)
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gregarious, amateur,precise, concise,excise,diagonal,polygo...
amateur - l'd LOVE to be a professional, but . . .

gregarious - I am gregarious to a fault, but I draw the line at doing homework

a concise snip with the scissors
clamor (noisy)
The only thing that comes to mind
is Gregorian Calendar.
Ac clam ated
clam ber
clam our
clam p
clam ant
dia gon al
poly gon
pre cise

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