What is the definition and origin of rigamarole?

1. Nonsense.
2. Complicated rules that don't serve any purpose.

No one is sure of the origin. But here are a few theories:

In the Middle Ages, Justices listened to accusations and wrote everthing down in a rag(e)man rolle. Some people think that this evolved into rigamarole.

Another more popular idea is that the name came from a game played during Medieval times called Ragman's Roll.
There were two versions. One involved betting, the other was for fun. The fun version was a scroll of paper with strings attached. People pulled a string and then read a verse that was attached to it that was supposed to be their "true personality." Lots of scholars believe that Ragman's Roll eventually morphed into rigamarole.
Confused, rambling, or incoherent discourse; nonsense.
A complicated, petty set of procedures.

[Alteration of obsolete ragman roll, catalog, from Middle English ragmane rolle, scroll used in Ragman, a game of chance : perhaps from Anglo-Norman Ragemon le bon, Ragemon the Good, title of a set of verses about a character of this name + Middle English rolle, list (from Old French, from Latin rotula, wheel; see roll).]
-a long and complicated and confusing procedure; "all that academic rigmarole was a waste of time"
-a set of confused and meaningless statements

Origin=ETYMOLOGY: Italian, from rigato, past participle of rigare, to draw a line, from riga, line, of Germanic origin.

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