What does, "Au revoir, mon cherie" plan? I know its french but basically serve me out!?


It means goodbye, my dear one. And it's gramatically incorrect. If referring to a masculine, it is mon cher. if referring to a female it is ma cherie.

French speaker

French speaker

goobye my love? or
goodbye my friend Goodbye, my love.

See you later, my baby.

honourable bye my darling

goodbye my darling
but i could be wrong cuz im only guessing goodbye, my darling

It means you newly got dumped. Sorry!

good bye my love

Goodbye, my love.....

It mechanism "Good bye, my dear"...because cherie means "dear" or "dear one". Type it within on the following website, select "French to English"; I used that to be sure.



Good bye my sweetheart...

Goodbye my love

Goodbye my love

Good bye, my dear.

Literally : Until we meet, my dear.

Au revoir is the common term used to denote that you will see the individual again

Mon means 'my' but to a womanly you would say 'ma cherie' if using 'mon' it would be to a masculine and be 'mon cher'.

cherie means 'dear' surrounded by the female form (if to a manly it would be 'mon cher')

Usually we would translate 'cherie' as 'darling' as it is a term of endearment.

Properly it should be 'Au revoir, ma cherie' It mode "Goodbye my dear". If you ever want to translate anything into english, you can always jump to www.freetranslation.com

Good-bye, my dear. come on. This is French 101, the first afternoon!

goodbye, my dear

C'est pas 'mon' sa, parceque 'mon' est pour masquiline et 'ma' est pour feminin.
Au revoir, ma cherie (feminine)
-See you subsequent, my dear.

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