What's the meaning of xoxo in an email?

Question:I have this male friend, who's married and he's in another country. Occassionally I write emails to him sending regards to him and his family. Is it wrong if I end a message with xoxoxo.I don't want any trouble with him getting the wrong idea or I just shouldn't do it. Advices..

hugs and kisses. You dont send those to a married man, period.
just like in a letter that would get in the regular mail it means hugs and kisses
It means hugs and kisses. So it's definitely not appropriate to put that on an email to a married man.
x's and o's mean hugs and kisses. It's a very popular way of signing letters and e-mails to a lover, and it has been that way for many decades. It's in song titles, lyrics, movies, and just pop culture all around.

I'd say, unless you want to be a home-wrecker, don't do it.

xoxo stands for *hugs and kisses*. it's a lot more personal than 'sending regards'. if you don't want trouble with him or his wife getting the wrong idea, then i suggest you do not end your message with xoxo.


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