What does "Trill" mean?

Question:I hear it all the time in Rap music, what does it mean? I thought it meant drunk or something?????

being true + real = trill
others say Too Real = trill

Trill is when you're hustlin, trill is when you're grindin
Trill is when you punch in that clock overtimin
Trill is when you keep it real one hundred percent
And hold it down for your team run your game full sprint
Trill is when you never fake, trill is when you real
Chasin after dollar bills, gotta get it how you live
Trill is when you hustle so you go out there and get it
Doin whatever you gotta do to make a meal ticket
- Paul Wall "Trill"

The musical definition of a trill is correct as given by the others, but I didn't think that was what you meant.
It's a flippy sound. When playing an instrument you play the note the trill is on and the note higher back and forth rapidly. Same when singing only with your voice. It is a very hard vocal technique!
I automatically thought of the method of bouncing your voice to different notes. Think Beyonce or Christina Aguilara...they use trills, when they sing a range of notes.
In music, a trill is when you alternately play a note followed by the half-note above and/or below it. For example, if you trill the note C, you would play C, then C-sharp, then C, then C-flat (or B), then C, and so on ...
omg r u serious it means hot nd fresh just listen to the effin songs nd u would find out lyk trillville cd or if some1 says fotrill hes sayin fareal
To "trill" in music is to warble, to do vibrato, to quaver, to shake or vibrate, to flow, to roll with it!
Main Entry: 1trill
Pronunciation: 'tril
Function: verb
Etymology: Middle English; akin to Middle Dutch trillen to vibrate, Swedish trilla to roll
intransitive verb
1 : to flow in a small stream or in drops : TRICKLE
transitive verb : to cause to flow in a small stream

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