What does the Scots term 'Och aye the noo' mean?

Well for a start, I am Scottish and I have never ever heard a fellow Scot saying that.

"Och" means "Oh", and is mostly used as an exclamation to express frustration.

"aye" simply means "yes"

"the" is the same in English obviously..

"noo" simply means "now"

Overall, the phrase has no real meaning other than as something that many English people wrongly imagine that Scots say.

Edit: Gem - I'm also from Dumfriesshire, and I've never heard anybody using that phrase apart from English people attempting to do a Scottish accent. Its basically a form of stereotyping.

The individual words are used all the time in other contexts, of course. For instance, "Och aye" is used a lot, meaning "oh yes", and "the noo" is used a lot meaning "just now", but I can't imagine many circumstances where these could be used together in natural speech.

The phrase "Och aye the noo" is meaningless, except in answer to a question asking if something will be done and when. I've certainly never heard it used as a form of greeting (as suggested by Mike M).

Another correction to Mike M's answer. The phrase he was looking for was "Its a braw, bricht moonlicht nicht the nicht Mrs Wricht, how's yer dochter?" - meaning "It's a beautiful, bright moonlight night tonight Mrs Wright, how is your daughter?" - well known Scottish tongue twister.
Ok the now

To Spacephantom - I'm from Dumfries, Scotland and people do actually say that.
yes now
Litterally means oh yes justnow, but when said by someone scottish such as my self, its usually in the context of saying hello. As in "och aye the noo", means how are you doing? similar to "fit likey"

Other funny dorich phrases
Its a richt bricht moonlicht nicht
pronounced(Its a rict brict moonlict nict, however u have to be able to say the ch in the correct way)
Means it a right birght moonlit night

Foo's yer doo's!means how are ye.

Anyhho smell ye's later!just thot i'd brighten up ur day haha
Och aye - oh yes
the noo - the now (just now)
It means 'yes, I agree, y'know'
Don't know what it means really, but my Scottish friends tend to get a bit upset when I say that too them.

I think Spacephantom sounds about right.

Love the Moonlight tongue twister by the way. I'll have to remember that one.
Oh yes right now.

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