OMG chatspeak wat does 'ilyy' mean??

Question:hey ... wat does it mean?? its been bugging me... or wat does it stand 4??

it doesn't stand for anything and means absolutely nothing it's just a new fad that's been starting and it's really annoying and stupid
ily means i love you. so maybe ilyy is a typo? or ilyy is i love you...yorkies? years? youse? yellows?

my vote is that it's a typo =]
ily or ilyy both mean i love you
ily is "I love you"-- the double y could be a typo, but you tend to see similar "typos" a lot: people will double or triple the last letter of something for emphasis or something-- like, you'll see the heart thing <3 written like this: <33333 to indicate more enthusiasm. Or the emoticon XD or :D typed like this: XDD or :DDD. And so on... that would be my guess.

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