What is "hello" in Hungarian and in Polish?

Question:Is it true that in Hungarian you use the same word for "hello" and "goodbye"? Write me the pronounciation as well, please. Or any extras.

Well, not exactly.

In Polish, it's
"czesc" (pronounced like "tshest'") which it equivalent to hello / hi (informal greeting AND farewell also).
"dzien dobry" (pronounced like "dien dobrie"), literally "good day", being the proper / formal greeting (equivalent to both good morning and good afternoon)
"dobry wieczor" (pronounced like "dobrie vietchor"), literally "good evening"
"do widzenia" (pronounced like "da vitzenya"), literally "untill (the next) seeing", equivalent to goodbye - the formal way.
"dobranoc" (pronounced like "topranots"), literally goodnight.

There's a number of other greetings and farewells in Polish, but they are either quite informal, or just opposite, very formal and old-fashioned, so they are not commonly used. those above are the standard. Source(s):
Native Polish speaker, and living here :) Hungarian: Szia (Hello and Goodbye)
Polish: Dzien' dobry In Hungarian the word szia can be used for both hello and goodbye. Another word for hello in Hungarian is szervusz. If you want to say szervusz to more then one person at the same time you need to use szervusztok. Another way people say hello is jo napot which means good day. And the word which means good bye is viszontlatasra or viszlat, which means bye or until we see eachother again. The English word 'hello' is also used in Hungary as hi or bye. Hungarian has many words for hello and goodbye

Hello (Formal - someone you do not know, someone older)
Jo Napot (Kivanok) -yo na-poat kee-va-noak- (Good day (I wish you))
Jo Reggelt -yo ray-gelt- (Good Morning)
Jo Estet -yo esh-tayt- (Good Eveining)

Hello (Informal - someone you know, someone younger)
Hello -hallow-
Szia -see-ah-
Szervusz -ser-vus-

Goodbye (Formal)
Viszonlatasra -vee-son-lah-ta-shra- (Until we meet again)

Goodbye (Informal)
Viszlat -vee-slaht- (Until we meet again)
Szia (see above)
Hello (see above)
Servusz (see above)


Living in Hungary and speaking Hungarian.

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