What exactly does thick skinned mean?

Question:I don't know whether it means that a person thus described is impervious to insult and genuinely doesn't feel emotional hurt or that they don't register insults and do not connect to their feelings? Or does it mean something else?

From my understanding thick skinned means has a high threshold to insults and they do not seem to affect the person
it means whatever u want it to mean :p hehe. Naa that u have lotsa layers of skin :p
It hypothetically means that your skin is soooo thick that nothing can get thru and hurt you. like a rude comment or something like that
What you said is true, it also means someone who can take verbal bashing with a deaf ear. It's someone who takes insults without being affected negatively.
Not sensitive to slurs, insults, wise-cracks, etc. from others directed towards them..

the opposite of thin skinned: too sensitive ...
I'd say it's more the former than the latter. They probably realize they've been insulted, but they don't care. This can either be because they are not overly sensitive or because they don't value the opinion of the person insulting them.
It means that they are able to handle a situation better than most (usually due to past experiances). For example: you have someone who works for the ambulance corp. and they see people hurt in ways that most of us could not stomach... in this situation we would call this person thick skinned becuase they can put a stop to their emotions and do the job at hand. When someone can not respond to a situation in a proper manor this is called thick headed.
It means someone who is ignorant and doesn't care what anyone thinks about them or doesn't even have the know how to be embarrassed or or take a hint!
It means that a person is oblivious to insult or hints. It's not that they aren't hurt by insults, the insults just don't penetrate enough to register. In the same way, if you drop hints to someone who is thick skinned, such as "I'm tired" or "Didn't you mention something about the last bus home?", the hints will usually go right over their head. However, you can develop a thick skin if you work in certain jobs, such as a complaints department, just to get through the day.
It means insults don't get to you or "under your skin" so easily. They bounce off you.
thick skinned means to not be insulted easily
It means I can call you a tit and it dosn't bother you, not even inside.

I don't think you're a tit, by the way!
it means fat!! thats a way fat people make themselves feel better about being fat, duh!

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