What does "mind me" or "mind you" means?

Question:I'm in the middle of brushing up my english language skills. The words "mind me" or "mind you" which might probably appear in the conversation.

Not mind me in UK.
Mind you is a get out clause when you slate someone and want to redeem yourself, as with the person & the jumper above!
Mind you means "can you believe it...."
or" listen to this...."
"Mind Me" - In american english this seems to mean, understand me or listen to me.

"Mind You" - In British English this means, on the other hand - ie That sweater really doesn't fit her. Mind you, that is a nice sweater. I can see why she picked it.

Good luck with the English, it can be a very confusing language :)
The word mind used as a verb means to obey. A parent might say "mind me and be home by 8:00." It could also mean to tend to. "She asked me to mind the kids."
in don't mind me it means don't may any attention to me
Mind you is really a colloquiallism, and not the best use of English. It loosely means "however". As in "it's really cold today, mind you I will still have to go out". Mind me is bad grammar, and I can't recall ever hearing it, unless you say "don't mind me" as in ignore me or my opinions!
"Mind me" = 1. obey me, 2. watch out for me, (if the person is a baby or child or disabled adult.

"Mind you" = a phrase that has little literal meaning in conversation, but means something similar to 'actually'. Example conversation:
John: I went to the cinema late last night.
Paul: Oh yes, how was the movie?
John: Well, the projector broke and we all had to leave the cinema. MIND YOU, they gave us our money back!

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