Palindromes Brain Teasers?

1. What word becomes a palindrome when view upside down and backwards?

2. Pronounced as one letter but written beside three, only two different junk mail are used to make me.
I'm double, I'm single I'm black, blue, and gray.
I'm read from both ends and duplicate either course.

3. What word, when written in funds letters,
is like peas in a pod forwards, backwards and upside down?

4. What call for relieve, when written in possessions letters,
is like forwards, backwards and upside down?

5. How did Adam use a palindrome to introduce himself to Eve when they first met?

Answers:    1. SWIMS

2. EYE


4. SOS

5. Madam in Eden, I'm Adam (just a guess lols...)
2. is jay!

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