At one time the plural of fish was fish now its fishes did the yanks muck our language up again?

I don't think you can blame the Yanks for that one, fishes has been around for a long time.
I remember one of my Mothers favourite sayings, when something upset her, was "Ye Gods and little fishes."
That was over 50 years ago in Australia.

As far as I can find out it's a very old British expession.
Another is, "Hell's bells and little fishes".

Compact Oxford English Dictionary.
• noun (pl. fish or fishes)

USAGE The normal plural of fish is fish, as in he caught two huge fish; however the older form fishes is still used when referring to different kinds of fish: freshwater fishes of the British Isles.

— ORIGIN Old English.
Sorry it's not just "Fish and Chips" anymore. Pip pip.
it's not fishes. where'd you hear fishes? chiilax, mate. cheers.
I still say fish.
And I live in Ohio. :)
Never heard 'fishes' as a plural for fish before.
I'm not sure who you mean by "yanks," but what you really need to know is that the English language is in a constant state of evolution. Words come and go; words change.

Compare a dictionary from 100 years ago to a modern day dictionary. There are amazing differences. Fishes might be in a newer one, but not in the older.

God Bless.
I think I may have to come "sort you out" for that one. Could you pass the grey poupon?
You'e making this up aren't you? No more mucking about with the language guys!! There, okay now?
aint a yank thing - sounds like Ebonics at its finest.
you betcha. same as how we all now 'eat healthy', when i always learned 'healthy' was an adjective, not an adverb. and we buy 'gro-sheries' now, not groceries.
No. Actually, we corrected it.
The word is simply FISH. If you want to add specific quantiy using the term you include the exact or specific quantity or you would describe more than one fish as several or many. The word has not changed and our vocabulary does not get re written in it's proper usage. New words are added with a meaning specific to the word. No adjustments.
I've heard of "Sleepin with the fishes" But Fish are Fish, Just like Sheep are Sheep and Cannon are Cannon or Deer are Deer, A school, A flock, A bunch of them, or a Herd, are still called what they are!! Maybe too many "Soprano" episodes got the fishes started, The plural of Fish IS still Fish.! Not all us Yanks have "mucked up" the language YET!
Fishes is only used when referring to several species of fish.
If the lake had carp, walleye, bass, and bluegill, there were many fishes. If the same lake had only bass, but a lot of them, it had many fish.
Nothing to do with Americans. " Fishes" is a correct plural of " fish " but is no longer in common usage. In the New Testament it refers to the parable of the loaves and fishes.
The Bible has a Parable about feeding the five thousand with loaves and fishes, so it is not a new expression.
I will answer this question very simply.
' FISH ' is the plural of 1 or 1000 fish of the same type.
However. If there are more than one species of fish they become fishes. EG. Look at that shoal of mackerel aren't they beautiful fish ? Yes but look at those tuna and cod they are wonderful fishes.
Both are proper plural forms, BUT they are NOT interchangeable.

A group of fish of the same species are called fish. Two or more species of fish are called 'fishes'.

Actually, I believe it is ALWAYS correct to use "fish" for a plural, without regard to whether they are all of the same species or not. But "fishes" MUST refer to different species. (If you need to make a point of the fact that you are listing various species, use "fishes".)

Note that this is a more recent distinction. The KJV Bible (1611) speaks of "five loaves and two fishes" and is not referring to different species of fish. (In other words, it is NOT true that "fish" is the old plural, "fishes" a more recent one.)

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