What does "Love is blind" have it in mind?

Question:I have hear this expression many times since, but I do not think I really deduce what it means.

love is blind funds unconditional love. one doesnt need any defence to love (reasons include looks, beauty, color, money , etc...)

what you reflect on is love it is truly not



what you meditate is love it is truly not



it resources it is in first of you and your only just blind to see

matching as beauty is surrounded by the eye of the beholder** which means you don't enjoy to be beautiful on the outside because it's the inside that counts

I think it channel you don't care what the other individual looks, like or really carefulness. (Maybe it comes from Beauty & The Beast)

It mechanism that beauty is not required for love to succeed.

It causes you to close the eyes to faults surrounded by the one you love.

It way that when you're in love next to someone, you can sometimes become blind to any negative parts nearly who you're in love beside

it system that being surrounded by love will allow yourself to be blinded by the faults of the party you are in love beside, faults that everyone else usually see but you dont

It channel that when you love someone, you are blind to thier faults....

I think it may mingy that you are so envolved in the relationship that you do not see that unpromising things that may be going or the negative impact it is making.

When you love someone and they are totally opposit of you or have fruitless habits and you look olden it and love them anyways. IT's like you dont see anything wrong beside them even though there is.

i think it mechanism that when you love someone,,they can't do no wrong..if they do you love them so much that you don't see what they've done nor do you think its wrong for them to do it.you only just love them and tend to look the other way at times.....

When you are in love, you are "blind" to everything that being does, good or impossible...All you care roughly is that you LOVE that person.

It means when you are love beside someone, you dont usually see their drawbacks, faults etc.



It means that sometimes when you are within love you are blind or oblivious to reality. For instance, your hot love may not treat you the best way he/she should but since you're contained by "love" you look over the important issues and are too wrapped up surrounded by their appearance or their cunning words to realize the serious problems in the relationship.

I believe it to mean that if you really love somebody, you can look long-gone the bad (like doomed to failure things they've done or the way they look) and see the devout.

It way that sometimes you can be blinded by your love for a certain personality. Like if your friends and family told you that your boyfriend/girlfriend be cheating on you, but you don't believe them because you love that person so much.

When you love someone blindly it means that you do not see the person's fault. A person could be a bum and everyone else can see that, but you, because you can't see within faults thur the eye's that love them.



It money that when you are in love, you tend to cover your eyes to everything else around you. What happen to your friends and family, or even the role flaws the person you are within love with have. Nothing else seems to thing but that one person.

it means when u love somebody u r blind to his/her fault. in otrher sense, when u r within love u became blind to adjectives other relationships.

Love is blind money that when you are in love you don't see everything for what it really is. You tend to cold-shoulder signs that the person you are next to is wrong for you, ugly, possibly a criminal or deviant, poor, a shudder, etc. The saying really should be "Love make you blind."

It channel that you are so 'blinded' by your love, or lust, for a person that you don't see their fault and weaknesses, or you only don't want to

you can do everything for your lover. you can even do something that may be wrong to you.do^'t read out that is amazingly stupid, because it can happen to you.

The phrase "Love is Blind" mean to that when you are contained by Love with someone no business how bad that personage treat you, you don't relaize that they are doing wrong to you because in your eyes they can do no wrong. So go the phrase Love is Blind because you are blind to all the things that are going on right surrounded by front of your face.

it means that mortal in love may breed you see things as you want to instead of maintain your objectivity about the good/bad points of things.

when you're in love, you are blind to the other's flaws and fault.

When one believes them-self contained by love, they tend to overlook or excuse negative behaviors of the receiver of their affections. They are emotionally blinded. They concentrate on the euphoric feelings of love and humiliate any questioning response of doubt.

When the permanent status Love is Blindis used, it means that when someone loves another, they own a tendacy to over look any wrong doings that person may be doing. Also one tend to close their eyes to any termoil or problems within their relationship or house. along with this comes to mind the statment : Wake up and smell the coffee

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