Whats another way to say, "I love you more with each passing day"?

Question:I am writing a love letter but want to know another way to say , " I love you more with each passing day? Kinda dont like word passing in there. Its for a love letter so it's got to sound really nice as it will be a closing statement. Please advise thanks . Best answer wins 10 points.

I love you more with every sunrise.
I love you more with every turn of the world
I love you more with every fleeting day
My love for you continously grows.

or grows continuously, either way.
dude that so reminds me of titanic... near far wherever you are... you get the idea, right? i know that my love for you grows becasue i can still feel my heart rapidly beating and with each time i see you, my palms start to sweat a little more than they did before.
My love is bigger(stronger) for you every single day.
how about: I love you more than mere words can evr express, more than i'll evr be able to say,and showing you could take a lifetime..? good luck
' ... [And] Everyday I love you more'

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