Where did clapping start?

Question:People clap when someone makes a strong statement or when something good happens. How did that originate?

The Romans had a set ritual of applause for public performances, expressing degrees of approval: snapping the finger and thumb, clapping with the flat or hollow palm, waving the flap of the toga, for which last the emperor Aurelian substituted a handkerchief (orarium), distributed to all Roman citizens (see Stole). In the theatre, at the close of the play, the chief actor called out "Valete et plaudite!", and the audience, guided by an unofficial choregus, chaunted their applause antiphonally. This was often organized and paid for.
when people gave speeches some people didnt like them so they clapped so that they con distract the audience. most of the speeches were good ones
in a crowd of people....
Check out this article on Wiikpedia about applause: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/applause.... Applause has been around for a very long time, and I think it comes down to when we as people are seeing or hearing something that we like, it's natural for us to want to react in some way, even physicaly. Applauding is just another fairly straightforward, easy way of doing that, other than yelling and cheering with our voices.

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