what words end in 'gry'?

Question:i got a fwd that there r 3 words that end in 'gry'.one is angry and another is hungry.whts the 3rd word?pls tell me !the suspense is killin me!

There are three words in English that end in "gree." The first two are "angry" and "hungry," and if you've listened closely, you'll agree that I've already told you the third one.

The answer is "agree." The object is to make the listener think about the letters g-r-y instead of the sound "gree." hungry hungry and angry Energy

scavengry hungry
tv-mast zygry
john f. pingry
jozsef egry
wigry angry, hungry, gry. YAY!!I win (gry really is a word) angry
hungry Here is a couple:

Angry I'm sorry to tell you this but there are only 2 words that end in 'gry' and they are hungry and angry. This is the (presumed) original version of the puzzle from 1975. The possible answers (if obsolete words, names, and hyphenated compounds of "angry" and "hungry" are allowed) are plentiful. Most of the 124 listed below were in the 1933 edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, and all have appeared in some major dictionary of English:

affect-hungry fire-angry MacLoingry Seagry
aggry Gagry mad-angry self-angry
Agry girl-hungry mad-hungry selfe-angry
ahungry gonagry magry sensation-hungry
air-hungry gry malgry sex-angry
anhungry haegry man-hungry sex-hungry
Badagry half-angry managry Shchigry
Ballingry hangry mannagry shiggry
begry heart-angry Margry Shtchigry
bewgry heart-hungry maugry sight-hungry
boroughmongry higry pigry mawgry skugry
bowgry hogry meagry Sygry
braggry hogrymogry meat-hungry Tangry
Bugry hongry menagry Tchangry
Chockpugry hound-hungry messagry Tchigry
Cogry houngry music-hungry tear-angry
cony-gry huggrymuggry nangry th'angry
conyngry hund-hungry overangry tike-hungry
cottagry Hungry Bungry Pelegry Tingry
Croftangry hwngry Pingry toggry
diamond-hungry iggry Podagry ulgry
dog-hungry Jagry Pongry unangry
dogge-hungry job-hungry pottingry vergry
Dshagry kaingry power-hungry Vigry
Dzagry land-hungry profit-hungry vngry
eard-hungry Langry puggry war-hungry
Echanuggry leather-hungry pugry Wigry
Egry ledderhungry red-angry wind-hungry
euer-angry life-hungry rungry yeard-hungry
ever-angry Lisnagry scavengry yird-hungry
fenegry losengry Schtschigry Ymagry angry!~ There are three words in the English language that end in GRY. Two are HUNGRY and ANGRY. Check out mailman there is 33 words with " gry " also check out yyeeshin They got your answers. three word riddle; first word agree, second word hungry ,third word angry.

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