Why is Worser not a word?

Question:what if something starts off bad then gets progressivly worse.

it would be worser than before

or maybe worserer still.

Considering the amount of people that actually use it I'm surprised no-ones come up with a good enough excuse to accept it in the dictionary, or would that be worsening it ??
Because worse is the superlative of worse
To say progressively worse is correct grammar
Worser is a word but it's not standard and is considered bad english. The alternative is worst.
If something becomes more than 'worse' it's best to say 'even worse'. 'Worse still' is acceptable.

The references below, both dictionaries, make it clear that while there is such a word as 'worser' it is not standard. This doesn't mean it can't be used but it is better to use the more correct alternative.
If something starts off bad then gets progressively worse, it just gets worse and worse and worse. It doesn't get more worserer!

Because the world would be much badderer if it was

Its like why betterer isn't a word too
Shakespeare uses it, so it can't be a proper word..LOL

worse is already a comparitive
i m sry but all the other 7 ppl who have answered have answered incorrectly.there IS a word called worser which still exists in the english dictionary.meanings:
Changed for the worse in health or fitness
(comparative of 'bad') inferior to another in quality or condition or desirability
There is a word " worser" but it is not part of modern usage in English. If enough people start using it then it will become so. Language is constantly changing. Look at the meaning shifts in words like " brilliant " and "gay "
ok so bad- superlative of bad worse, comparitve is worst. so to compare two things you have to use worse. to compare 3 things or more worst. you say it is worse than before. you are comapring the present with the past
It's dillemic!
No, the words are bad, worse, worst. Similarly good, better, best.
There is no such word as worser...or badder either.

'Who knows' has them mixed up... the superlatives are best and worst...the comparatives are better and worse.
it's just the way english grammar works, it's one of the most complicated languages.
actually that's an example... most complicated...
some words u can add the -er on the end like funny, funnier, funniest
some words u have to add the word before like complicated, more complicated, most complicated
and some words have their own rule like bad, worse, worst or good, better, best
the grammatic rules (as in most languages) just need to be learned
cos for

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