What is talking third person mean?


If you're talking in the third person, it means you are talking like a narrator of a story, not taking part in the story.
eg Bill threw the ball at Sam.
or He was very excited about the football.

If it was first person, the first person is talking about what happens to him/her directly.

eg I was very excited about the football.

So if Bill was talking, the first sentence would be:
Sam threw the ball at me

Or if it was Sam talking, it would be:
I threw the ball at Bill.

There is no such thing as talking in the second person ;-)
[note: my name is carinne]

If i'd say, "Carinne doesn't like cheese. Carinne is doing her homework."
It's talking in third perso : he/she

Ex: She likes peanuts
Veronike loves volleyball
It's when morph_888 talks about himself like he was another person.
When talking in the first person, you say, "I think that using the internet is fun." When talking in the third person, you are more formal and don't refer to 'I' or 'me' but would say instead, "One often finds amusement in using the internet."
One can sound somewhat pedantic and priggish when one uses this mode of speech, and it is not found in common conversation, but at times, one does find it convenient to speak from the lofty, distant platform of the third person.
It means iheartbirdies asked a question about the meaning of talking in the third person, and Alias Smith & Jones obliged him with an answer. Alias Smith & Jones did you a mitzvah.
First person is the word I, myself, me
Second Person is : we, us,
Third Person is: you, they, them
Third person is when you talk about yourself as if it's not you. Sadly, my elementary school principal used to do this. "Mrs. Bell wants you all to sit down now. Mrs. Bell is not happy with the way you are acting." (Her name was Mrs. Bell, but she couldn't just say "I").
it means that insted of saying i am going to go shopping it would be Julie is going to go shopping (my name is Julie) but it would be me talking not someone else but anyone could talk like that

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