Whats the difference between "murder","killing" and "assassination"?

assassination is killing a famous person. Killing is depriving any living thing of their life.Murder is killing any person. I've simplified it for you.

Abe Lincoln was ASSASSINATED.
The bear was KILLED.
My aunt was MURDERED.
Killing may or may not be justified, as in self-defense or defense of another; or it may be accidental. Murder is an unjustified, pre-meditated killing. Assassination is murder of a public figure. Killing is taking life from anything that has it. You can kill a dandelion, a tree, a bug, a rat, or a human.

Murder is killing a human.

Assassination is the public murder of a human, usually a public figure. Intention...STILL:::ALL ARE A SIN kill - To put to death.

murder - To kill unlawfully.

assassinate - To murder a person by surprise attack, used mainly for victims who are public figures. Killing is impersonal. You can be killed by a meteor or a truck or a coronary. It's not always done by a PERSON.

Murder is more personal and more direct. If you run someone over and it's totally an accident, it's not murder-it's manslaughter ("killing" in other words). If you aim the car at your ex and gun the engine, that's murder.

Assassination is murder for a higher purpose. You wouldn't assassinate your ex. Even if your ex was famous, you wouldn't think of it as assassination when you gunned that car at him (or her). But if you aim your car at a dictator with the purpose of taking him out so his regime can end, that's assassination. It's almost impersonal--you are removing an obstacle in the form of a person.

Note that these aren't dictionary definitions; they are how I think of the words. murder is when you deliberately end someones life

killing is when you end someones life, not necassarily deliberately

assassination is murdering a particular person for a political reason murder: the unlawful, malicious killing of another human being. Murder also requires an innocent victim.

killing: to cause the death of, without premeditation or malice.

assassination: to murder by surprise attack, usually for payment or because of zealous belief.


Webster's New World Dictionary Third College Edition

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