In the Story Jack and the Beanstalk which is correct, a hen or a goose that lays golden eggs?

Question:It's a co-worker debate.

If I remember correctly it was some golden goose.
It's usually and probably always those mean geese that lay golden eggs.
remember it as the goose who laid the golden eggs. when i tell the story it's always a goose. that's my version and i'm sticking to it!
It was definitely a hen. The giant commanded "Lay, Hen, Lay!"
I can understand the confusion because many children's stories involve a goose that lays golden eggs - but not in the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Also, ask your co-workers if they've ever read "Jim and the Beanstalk". It's really funny!
It's a hen. The goose that laid the golden egg is a different fable. Remember the store of the man who cut open the goose that laid the golden egg to get the golden eggs inside her and was left with nothing?
It depends on who wrote it, in the original Grimm Fairy tale I'm pretty sure it was a goose. But in Mother Goose Fairy tales , used in North America it was a hen.

So choose whichever you like.
Goose in the version from Hans Christian Anderson
my mom's story says that it's a hen. i searched the web and indeed, it is a hen. please check this site:
its the goose because wouldnt it be strange to hav a hen lay real eggs and golden eggs?? cuz it was made for little kids and that would really confuse them. it would be easier for them to think that geese lay golden eggs and hens lay the eggs u eat.
Jack and the beanstalk appear in a story that is called Jack and the Magic Beans. In that story, he steals a hen that lays golden eggs.

The goose that laid the golden eggs comes from an Aesop fable. In that fable, a woman has a goose that lays golden eggs and makes her rich. She gets greedy and doesn't want to wait for an egg a day, so she cuts the goose's stomach open, thinking she will get a bunch of eggs at once. Of course, there are no eggs there and now the goose is dead.
The moral is "The greedy lose all," or something like that.
I'm %100 positive that it was a hen. I'm the cooler co-worker in the debate, so everyone should just agree with me and be done with it!
I don't know, but that Jack had a really fat wife.

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