What does "next wednesday" mean?

Question:Today, Friday, March 23, I got an email from a friend saying that he will visit me next Wednesday. It was writen like this...

"I will visit you next Wednesday."

Does it mean he will visit on March 28th or does it mean he will visit on April 4th?

the very NEXT Wednesday you two will see will be march 28Th.
April 4Th would be "the Wednesday after next".
Next Wednesday means the Wednesday following the day it was said/written, so it would be March 28th.
he will visit you on march 28th.
It should be this wednesday so he might mean either.One way to find out mail & ask him.
I have trouble's with this question also, depending on what day of the week it is... instead of using the word next. One should be using "following or upcoming". I would assume, the meant the 28th. I'd ask for clarification!
your friend will visit you 4Th of April.
I'd assume he meant the 28th.
the 28th is the next wednesday coming up.
I'd ask for clarification though.
The next Wed. on the calendar is March 28th
April 4th would be a week from Wed.
"Next Wednesday" means the Wednesday that isn't the one this week. In other words, it's always next week.

So, if today is 3/23, next Wednesday refers to 3/28.

However, given that there's confusion, it's best to e-mail him back and confirm.
He wrote email in spoken language so next Wednesday means coming Wednesday

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