How do you spell the plural form for lie? Is it lieing? Or lying?

Question:OMG i should know this, i think it is lieing, and lying is when you are lying down. Is this correct?

lie? plural form is lies. lying or lieing or whatever is that is an action, so it's a verb.or most likely, a gerund or what i think a verbial. and verb does not from it's plural form, unless you use it in a sentence, you can call it as a verb in plural form.but lie, its plural form is lies.and gerund of lies or lie is lying. no other spelling. lieing is not looking good, and there's no such spelling as, question is answered.
The plural of lie is lies.
The gerund form is lying.
lying :-)
plural for lie is lies as in " he told many lies"

lying is part of a compound verb form such as " he was lying"
or " he might be lying"


D.M. Schultz, M.D.
'Lies'. It can be used as the plural form of 'lie' and as the third person singular verb (present perfect). We have to understand its context by understanding the situational importance.
lie - noun.
A false statement deliberately presented as being true; a falsehood.
Something meant to deceive or give a wrong impression.

verb - lied, ly·ing.
plural - lies
there is no plural form for "lie" ..Lying is the present tense form of "lie" . . . lieing is definetely wrong spelling.
Sorry, but you are wrong. The word you should use is "lying". It doesn't matter whether you are lying down (in repose) or lying through your teeth (telling fibs). There is no such word as "lieing".
It also doesn't matter if it is singular or plural.

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