What does urban, surburban and rural mean?

Question:I always see these words, but I don't know what they mean. I know that one means in the country, and city, and something else, but I don't know which is which.

rural is country, urban is city, and suburban is in between.
Rural is in a remotely populated area totally apart from a town/city. SUBurban is outside a city/town, but still connected...like just at the edge of town. Urban means city or large town.
Urban areas are cities like you thought. Surburban is outside the city limits and usually more affluent and rural is more open areas like farmlands with back roads and not much commerce around.
Urban is the city
Suburban is the residential areas outside of the city
rural is country (or unincorporated areas) not part of a city, just like county land
The meanings of the words are becoming obsolete as their very existence is changing in our current times. The original meanings were:

City: A high density population noted for it's high level of trade (commerce) and drama.

Suburb: Bedroom communities with population density more than rural and less than a city, with very little trade (commerce). They survive financially by exporting their labor into the city and importing some of the cities money. This provides a lifestyle less dramatic than the city but still has the financial benefits of the commence of the city it serves.

Rural: Farms (agriculture) and small towns that serve farms.

That's a quickie of course and there is an entire library that discuses this subject.

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