What does TR stand for?

Question:this question might be a very stupid one but i seriously dunno what it is. If Monday= M, Wednesday= W, Friday= F then what is TR? some people might get confused but this is not a math question. I just wanna know whether its Thursday or not. Only answer if you are 100% sure. Thank you.

TR is Thursday
T is Tuesday

It was on my college schedule as TR
It's either Thursday or it stands for Tyrannasaurus Rex.


Teddy Roosevelt
I would say thursday. that is what they put on my papers for my college class schedule
I have NEVER seen TR before. TU is usually Tuesday and TH is usually Thursday. Are you sure it doesn't say one of those. I know you don't want guesses, but if I had to pick one, I would pick Thursday since it does at least have an R in it.
Yes, it's Thursday. Tuesday would be TUE.
Must be a missprint.its Thursday.
Thursday is usually abbreviated into two letters as 'TH'. I'm 100% sure the TR abbreviation for Thursday is uncommon.
Tuesday is T and Thursday is R, so I guess TR is Tuesday and Thursday
1. tare.
2. tincture.
3. trace.
4. train.
5. transaction.
6. transitive.
7. translated.
8. translation.
9. translator.
10. transpose.
11. transposition.
12. treasurer.
13. Music. trill.
14. troop.
15. trust.
16. trustee.

Besides the other answers.
Tuesday doesn't have a R in it do there is only one left--Thursday

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