What does issues mean??

Question:I read on Internet the word issue and I was asking myself what was it...
can someone intelligebt answer me??

Issues can go 2 ways. 1.) you are selling the newest issues of teh latest magazine or 2.) you just plain have problems. Hope this helps.
It is the reason for the problem.
It means a lot of things
issues- are matters of wide public concern arising out of complex human problems. Issues exist in society as a result of complex social, economic, political and/or technological problems and involve multiple interests and viewpoints.
issue is things that are wrong and need to be fixed so and example of an issue is if my soccer game was at 12 and my friend's b-day party was at 12:15 and i needed to go to both of them that would be an issue and another exaple is the war in iraq....i hope this helps!
Main Entry: 1is·sue
Pronunciation: 'i-(")shü, chiefly Southern 'i-sh&, chiefly British 'is-(")yü
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, exit, proceeds, from Anglo-French, from issir to come out, go out, from Latin exire to go out, from ex- + ire to go; akin to Gothic iddja he went, Greek ienai to go, Sanskrit eti he goes
1 plural : proceeds from a source of revenue (as an estate)
2 : the action of going, coming, or flowing out : EGRESS, EMERGENCE
3 : a means or place of going out : EXIT, OUTLET
4 : OFFSPRING, PROGENY <died without issue>
5 a : a final outcome that usually constitutes a solution (as of a problem) or resolution (as of a difficulty) b obsolete : a final conclusion or decision about something arrived at after consideration c archaic : TERMINATION, END <hope that his enterprise would have a prosperous issue -- T. B. Macaulay>
6 a : a matter that is in dispute between two or more parties b (1) : a vital or unsettled matter <economic issues> (2) : CONCERN, PROBLEM <I have issues with his behavior> c : the point at which an unsettled matter is ready for a decision <brought the matter to an issue>
7 : a discharge (as of blood) from the body
8 a : something coming forth from a specified source <issues of a disordered imagination> b obsolete : DEED
9 a : the act of publishing or officially giving out or making available <the next issue of commemorative stamps> <issue of supplies by the quartermaster> b : the thing or the whole quantity of things given out at one time <read the latest issue>
- is·sue·less /'i-shü-l&s/ adjective
- at issue
1 : in a state of controversy : in disagreement
2 also in issue : under discussion or in dispute
In the daily use of the word, "issues" is synonymous with "problems"...

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