How do you pronounce Les Miserables?


Lay Mee-say-hrabl. The "hrabl" begins beside the signature French sound similar to your about to hock a loogey you know, close to you're spitting. Sorry to be so gross, but that's the only path I could describe it. The end of that portion is almost just similar to ending within a b sound but near an L sound after that resembling you're going to say "blow" but you procure cut off since the -ow. You've got to speak Miserables much more put together and quicker than the way it looks sounded out, as material French speakers glue their syllables together tightly.

I've studied French surrounded by school for copious years.

I've studied French contained by school for masses years.

i inevitability ur ears

Les Miserables.

"lay miz-er-ahb"

Lay Miz-er-ahb


my freshman english educationalist

La Meserab.

lay meesarab.

the miserable, stupid!

lay mi say-rab



it is pronounced

Le (with the e pronounced as an ae)

Miserab (with the e again pronounced as an ae and the b is a greatly soft b almost silent)

there for it is Le Miserab Lay-Mis-er-aulb

lehmee suh RAH bl

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