What does 'nasdrovia' mean?

Question:I don't think I'm spelling it right, but my uncle used to say 'Nasdrovia!' as a toast before we'd clink glasses, in the manner of Americans saying 'Cheers!'. a) What does it mean when translated? b) What is the linguistic origin of the word? c) What is the correct spelling?

It's Ukrainian for "to your health". It's too separate words - na zdorovya! Sorry, have no clue how to put the Cyrillic letters on here!
I used to live in Bulgaria and they say this as as toast or "cheers" before drinking. They use a different script, but phonetically it was said more like "nastrahvia", with the stress emphasis on the "ah" part. My guess is the Russians might say it too as there are a lot of similarities, but I am not sure on that part.
It is Russian for cheers. Correct spelling is приветствия

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