what is the plural form of the word 'equipment'?

Question:is it correct to say . . . "the following equipment are . . ."?

It would be usual to say aloud "equipment is".

Theoretically we could say "equipments are"
and the plural form is permitted in the Scrabble world.

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the plural of equipment is equipment, of late like deer, or moose


equipment...you should never, as far as I know, articulate "The equipment are..."

It's always is, whether it's singular or plural...of late like river and furniture. Equitment, and you never say are, it's other is. its one of those things aabout english that doesn't make sence, similar to houses and mice, and fish and fishes


eqpt is one of those words which cannot be made plural, because of the nature of the word, close to honesty, or brightness, or darkness or ... ably you get the view.

The noun "equipment" is call a collective noun. Collective nouns are nouns that refer to a group of people, animal, plants or things but are plural surrounded by form. Both a singular verb and a plural verb can be used after a collective noun. A singular verb is chosen if the user thinks of the group as a single component and a plural verb if the user thinks of the group as a quantity of individuals.

More often "equipment" is used as a single component, so a singular verb is used. correct: the following equipment is, was, isn't, wasn't
incorrect: the following equipment are, aren't, don't,


Equipment. It's a singular plural word.

Equipment is the plural. The singular is "a piece of equipment". But equipment always take a singular verb. It's the same as furniture.

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