In your own words, how would you define 'leadership'? How would you define 'teamwork'?

Question:I am applying for an ASB position at my school. Any other tips about what a difference I could make and why I would be different than any other previous officer would help a lot. Thanks!

Lucky Duck...

I define "Teamwork" as the UNSELFISH actions of an individual within a group to achieve a common goal.

I define "Leadership" as the ability to convince an individual or group of individuals to WILLINGLY perform activities to achieve a defined objective.

Good luck with your application.
Leadership is the quality of knowing how to get people to work together and get things accomplished in good time.

Teamwork is people pulling together for a common cause.

True leadership is forming a team and showing how teamwork can be more successful than working alone.
a leader is someone who knows the way, shows the way and goes the way.
as a leader, you are the glue that bonds your team together.

teamwork means working together, combining your strengths to accomplish something worthwhile.

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