What does "Say La Vee" mean?(I spelled it phonetically) It think it's a French saying.?

"c'est la vie" = "that's life"

A: "C'est la vie."
B: "What does that mean?"
A: "It means 'that's life'."
B: "In what language?"
A: "In French."
B: "But I don't speak French."
A: "C'est la vie."
C'est la vie! thats life.
Literally, it means "That's life".
It means that's life. C'est la vie
meaning 'that's life"....
C'est la vie (which can also be shortened in English usage to "la vie") is French for "such is life". When English speakers use it, it most often means the same as the resignation, "That's life."
C`est la vie means that`s life.
Ce La Vie
That is life
That's life.
C'est la vie - "such is life" sometime said together with C'est la mort or c'est la guerre "such is life, such is death" or "such is life, such is war".
"that's life!"
thats life
c'est la vie /sɛ la ˈvi/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[se la vee] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
that's life; such is life.
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