What's the difference between a merozoite, trophozoite, sporozoite, and shizont?

Answers:    A merozoite is a daughter cell of a protozoan parasite. Merozoites are the result of asexual reproduction (schizogony, merogony). In coccidiosis, merozoites form the first phase of the internal life cycle of coccidian.

In malaria, these spores infect red blood cell and then fast reproduce asexually. These merozoites then can break and verbs the red blood cell hosts and infect others. Antimalarial drugs can cure these infections.

A trophozoite is the activated, feed stage in the life span cycle of protozoan parasites such as the malaria-causing Plasmodium falciparum (the disparate of the trophozoite state is the thick-walled cyst form).

The trophozoite develops into a schizont which is a mother cell which asexually produces daughter cells specified as merozoites. Another type of Balantidium coli is cysts.

In the life-cycle of apicomplexan protozoa, sporozoites are cells that infect modern hosts. In the parasites that motivation malaria (Plasmodium), for instance, the sporozoites are cells that develop surrounded by the mosquito's salivary glands, leave the mosquito during a blood buffet, and enter the liver where they multiply. Cells infected next to sporozoites eventually burst, releasing merozoites into the bloodstream.

Sporozoites are formed by sporogony, a type of sexual or asexual reproduction by multiple fission of a spore or zygote, characteristic of tons sporozoans.

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