"All things are not created equal" vs. "Not all things are created equal".?

Question:Grammatically, do these two phrases have the same meaning? I usually hear people use the first and mean the second, but I don't think they are correct. Here's how I understand this:
-Phrase 1: None of the things is equal to any other thing.
-Phrase 2: Some of the things are equal to some other things, and some of the things are not.


Phrase 1: nothing is equal
Phrase 2: somethings are not equal others are.
The first phrase is inclusive. The second phrase has limits.
Well lets try the first one
All things are not created wqual. just might mean of any of a type are not equal to each other.

not all things are created equal as in that all the different things are not equal to each other. In one thing some may be equal to one another but not another thing.

Both in a way just as you said.

Most would not even bother with the difference.

I often hear that we all are created equal and that is totaly not true.

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