What if any is the difference between a vow and a promise?

A promise can be made at any time; you are simply giving your word, but for the sake of decency and your reputation you are obliged to keep it unless the person you made the promise to agrees to release you from the promise. An engagement to marry someone is a sort of promise. It's not really decent to get engaged and disengaged lightly, but it's less binding than marriage.

A vow is bigger. It's a promise formally made, and usually constitutes a contract between two parties, for instance a vow of friendship or marriage. You can't just decide to agree to undo the marriage vow, for instance. It has to be done formally (divorce), and if you consider marriage to be a vow in the fullest sense, it cannot be undone without serious cause.

A vow also carries the historical association of swearing an oath or invoking a deity, eg. "As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again" (Scarlett O'Hara, Gone With the Wind).
Not much it's just the way it's worded but to tell you the truth I would feel more guilty if I broke a promise than I would a vow.
I think it's a matter of degree. With promise ascending to vow or pledge.

An example would be a wedding commitment which is called a vow, not a promise.
a vow is more serious than a promise.
Same thing, if you are married.
A vow is special kinda of promise and when u make a vow u really cant go back on it, and a promise is sumthing that isn't really takin seriously
With a vow, you are bringing God into it--asking Him to judge you if you break it.
With a promise, you are just giving your own word.
A vow is before GOD, and a promise is not.
Bugger all if you ask me , if you break 1 ill break you lol
A vow is a German cry of admiration.
To me, the difference is that a promise is "on your honor", whereas a vow is a sacred pledge.
Given your track record so far, Mucky dear, I'd be interested to know why you ask.
No offence - I love your questions.
Jon C
A vow is a solemn pledge, like a wedding vow or sumthg more crious, usualy has a tradition following it, but a promise is a simple declaration, dat u make 2 sum1, like i promise 2 attend d function or i promise 2 take !
u cn break a promise, bt a vow is of a more crious nature n nt worthy of breaking!
promise is an assurance given to a person to do or not to do a thing, or to give or procure a thing.
vow means solemn promise in the form of an oath to God

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