What does it mean if someone calls you "a gem"?

Rare ,outstanding & very precious .. a huge compliment ,if my guess is correct ,you should be very proud .
That you are precious and they care for you.
It means you are special. Good special, not tard special.

A gem like a diamond or ruby...you shine or stand out like a gem.
You're one ugly foo!
It means you are precious and something about you is uniquely admired over the traits of others.
A gem is a precious stone,rare & beautifull.A woman thats called a gem should take this as a complement,& should blush & smile when hearing this.A return complement would be nice,call him a rock!loljk GODBLESS U & yours & have a good day eh!
It means that you receiving a huge compliment. Gems are jewels, rare, valued and beautiful. That's not chopped liver, Honey!
In the true sense of the term, it means "we are very invaluable as far as that someone is concerned".

In slang, GEM means Ginger Eating Monkey, which means you are always angry, morose and short-tempered.

So, it depends whether it is said in the true spirit of the term or we are simply being ridiculed !

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