Why do people wear jackets when it,s hot to look cool?

Question:i see alot of "cool" people at the park when it is like 114 degrees outside just to look cool.

maybe they are hustlers trying to hide their goods in their coat or maybe drug dealers doing the same thing. possibly homeless or high on something that makes them feel cold.
to cover their fat
they want to get a partner
I think you just answered your own question. I ask myself the same question about people who wear mini-skirts & strappy sandals in 30 degree weather with no coat.
cause they want to cover their skin frombeing burned by the sun..
I've heard that is a sign of mental illness.
No joke.
Yes it is to look cool, but NASA has made jackets that can heat you up or cool you down-although i don't think your talking about those almost nobody actually uses them
I work in air conditioning, but don't have it at home. I am used to dealing with the heat and get cold really quickly. Many times I go to lunch in a jacket or sweater, because I am freezing! I don't do it to look cool, I do it because I AM cool. As in COLD! When I warm up I take it off.

Why do teens wear stocking caps in the summer? DUH.Nana

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