What does the French expression that sounds like "Shock Ray Blue" or maybe "Sock Ray Blue" mean?

Question:From what I can tell it's an American stereotype of what we think French people go around saying when they find something or some event amazing or exciting.

Sacre Bleu! Equivalent to the German "Gott in Himmell" or our own "Good God, God in Heaven."
'oh my god' i think
sacré bleu, or "holy blue" is an oath of annoyance or amazement, you are right. it is a common sterotype but i have heard some french people say it.
it's 'sacre bleu'... roughly translated to 'sacred blue'... it's just a slang exclamation
It has to do with some King's (I think) dog's name. It was blue. It's like "Jesus christ".... it's "sacred blue."
It is acutally meaning "Sacred Blue". From what I can remember my french teacher telling me, the sacred blue is like saying "oh my god" in english. its the equivalent to that. the hirearchy in france, their main color, the color of royaly was blue, so one would say "sacred blue!", the royal color of blue being sacred.
It is an oath. Sacre bleu!

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