What does 'bumbaclot' mean?

Question:I hear it in reggae songs all the time.

hair style, my a$s

It's "Bumbaclaat" -
a rude, offensive word used by jamaicans mostly, it's in the Patois language of jamaica

Originally bumba is a$s and claat is cloth hence asswipes or a fckin stupid person

It's used to express anger, or unhappy surprise - if yardie calls you a bumbaclaat in anger, start walking away unless you have a gun and ur willing to use it.
It is just a hair style.

'Bumba' is a Jamaican Vulgar Slang for 'Vagina'

'Clot' is the short form of 'CLOTH' / a 'RAG'

So the word, 'Bumbaclot' means:

1. A tampon

2. Ar*se-cloth

(a cloth or rag used to wipe the ars*e or the vagina)

3. A Swear Word:

4. It means 'You Suck!'

For more details refer to:



A cloth or rag used to wipe ones anal region. However, most Jamaicans use it as a substitute for the word f*ck to express anger or surprise.
Slang - pissed or dismayed.
It's a Jamaican cuss word, sometimes taking the place of the F-word. For more details and all 3 definitions, visit urbandictionary.com
i think you mean....bumbleclot but it is pronounced as u wrote it...
well...bumble means:-move or act in a blundering way(clumpsy) and clot means:- a stupid person....
so i would say it means....idiot or stupid...or any thing that relates to these words...
Is a very offensive expression used by Jamaicans. Its similiar to "****-wipe" used by Americans. But, Jamaicans will use it to mean anything; in a dirty and disgusting sense.
It could mean a sanitary napkin as well.
The spelling is "bumboclaat".
Please do not use it, unless you mean to degrade someone intentionally.

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