Do You Know The Present (Tense) Form Of The Verb, 'Wrought' ?

Here is the famous 'Othello' Quote, (a self character study):

" Then Must You speak of one
That loved not wisely
But Too well;
One noT Easily Jealous
But being Wrought,
Perplexed in the extreme'.

The word, 'Wrought' is in the past form and means 'cause something (the change) to happen'. Do you know what is the Present Form of this verb 'Wrought' & whether it is in use?

Over To you, Friends,.

I had always thought that 'wrought' was the past tense and past participle of 'wreak'. Your question made me look up 'wreak' in the dictionary. I was amazed to find that I was wrong.

However, mine seems to be a common error, for my dictionary warns, "the past tense of the verb 'wreak' is 'wreaked', as in 'torrential rainstorms wreaked havoc', NOT 'wrought' . When 'wrought' is used in the phrase 'wrought havoc', it is in fact an archaic past tense of 'work'.

The origin of 'wrought' is shown as "archaic past and past participle of WORK".

[ Incidentally, the origin of 'wreak' is: "Old English, 'drive (out )', 'avenge'; related to 'wreck' and 'wretch' " !! ]

Thank you, for you wrought a change in my understanding of 'wreak' and 'wrought'!
wrought (rôt)
A past tense and a past participle of work. ~ ~

Put together; created: a carefully wrought plan.
Shaped by hammering with tools. Used chiefly of metals or metalwork.
Made delicately or elaborately.
Work is present tense of wrought.
past tense and present partical=work
The dictionary gives "Work" as the present form. Off the top off my head I have said "Fashion). Good question: have a star.
A redundant verb is a verb that forms the preterit or the perfect participle in two or more ways, and so as to be both regular and irregular; as, thrive, thrived or throve, thriving, thrived or thriven.

Present: work
Preterit: worked or wrought
Imperfect Participle: working
Perfect Participle : worked or wrought.

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