What does the possession "Glomp" penny-pinching?

Question:What does it mean, when someone glomps you?

Hug somebody ferociously... Bordering tackling... It's sweeeet!!! ;]

Glomp mode that you hug, smother with kisses, dive on top of, and some other stuff.

Glomp means that you hug, smother beside kisses, jump resting on, and some other stuff.

Glomping is a form of greeting used by anime fan. A typical "glomp" involves bear hugging someone and latching on tightly, though not satisfactory to intentionally hurt the recipient. It have since expanded into slang amongst otaku, primarily on IRC, chat rooms, and Internet forums as an extended form of greeting as referenced below:

In the mid 1990s, a few Anime fans get together on the West Coast for conferences, or "cons."... Yet the cons are mostly social events, a place to show off a costume or discuss the most modern episode of a series. Hogan...seems to know nearly everyone here within Miami Beach. She greets many of them next to a "glomp" - an Anime word for big hump.[1]


It is important to file that glomping is consensual; that is, that it is usually done within settings and situations where okay is implied, otherwise it could be termed a form of assault. Even consequently, others may see it as an overzealous and embarrassing form of behavior.[2] HUG,KISS AND DO IT

During online chat sessions or in forums, "cyberglomping" (ie, typing <glomp> or the like) have become a sense of common behavior, oftentimes enhanced next to "personalized versions", such as ""Uber Glomp", "Glompzilla", "Turboglomp", "tacklehuggleboogleglomp" and the like.[2] While most anime-oriented online forums allow this, several consider it a form of messaging spam

If you be not "expecting the physical contact" - you may have be "assaulted".

My son has nieces elder than him {both my spouse and I had children from our previous nuptials and I am 10 years older than my spouses eldest child -- currently 40} My spouse and I own been together since 1987, over the years we hold a blended family of 12 grandchildren (10 girls and 2 boys); our son - 14 is the solely minor of our 6 children. When our son was born, he be the Uncle of 5 nieces. He grew up with them and as they get older; a couple of his nieces would greet him near aggressive hugs and hand smacks on the pave the way or the back -- this is common behavior for him; however, this same behavior at a social of strangers would be "glomping" and could be deemed "offensive".

Check out the source intermingle.


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