Do you say "LL" or "double L" if spelling a word w/ double letters?

Question:Yet another trivial question from me! :) Actually, L is just an example. It could be any letter. I just wondered how the majority of people say double letters when spelling a word or name.

For example, if you were spelling "William", would you say "W, I, L, L, I, A, M" or would you say "W, I, Double-L, I, A, M"?

I don't know why, but I've always found it annoying and confusing when someone says "double"-whatever when spelling something. I prefer to hear every letter separately. So of course, that's how I spell things myself as well.

My late grandma would have said "Double-L" instead of "L L", so maybe it's an old-fashioned thing? (She was born in 1907) Or maybe it's a regional thing? (She was from Illinois before moving here to California).

How do YOU say double letters when spelling something out loud? :) And where are you from? If you wish, you can also share your age, or just the decade of life you're in (20s, 30s...)


Double-L because sometimes when someone is spelling out a word or reciting a phone number, then they may repeat a letter or number if they think the listener has not heard it - saying double-L makes it clear to the listener that you mean LL and not L (oops I don't think she heard that so I'll say it again) L.

I'm from the UK and I've taught communication in several countries and this is the standard method I've used.
in a name or anything I say LL but saying NCAA i say double A
LL, it sounds more natural to me because i feel sorta like a cheerleader when i say double-L...
double l, definately.
i would say it would be appropriate
to use "double" anything in informal conversation
but not so if giving information to, say, a bank or school etc.
"double u" (w) is the only that is always appropriate
I would say LL because many people are not accustomed to double L!
you can take my cousin as an example every time i say double s for my id...he'll be staring at me completely blank
double L
i'm 22, from texas, and i say each letter individually. i agree that doing the double-L thing is annoying. for some reason that just always sounded arrogant to me.

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