When is Tuesday midnight?? At the launch of Tues, (one minute ancient 12, or at one minute until 12 Midnight).

Question:My landlord lately signed the following--

"Receipt for 1 week rent (Tues Aug 1, 2006 thru Tuesday August 8, 2006 at midnight....xxx payment received for this one week period".

Have I be incorrect all my energy, thinking THAT MIDNIGHT ENDS THE DAY, RATHER THAN STARTING THE DAY????????

VOLUMINOUS number of answers are requested--WHO is right in their assumption, my proprietor or me??


You are correct, midnight ends the day, Tuesday 1200 at dark ends Tuesday, 1 minute later (or 1 second latter, for that matter) is Wednesday. Your landlord's note designed the period starting Tuesday Aug 1st 12:00:01, i.e. one second chronological Monday midnight, up to and including Tuesday Aug 8th 12:00:00, i.e. Tuesday midnight. Hope that helps.

Midnight Starts the morning.

Midnight Starts the afternoon.

1 minute till twelve.

one minute after 12, begins the subsequent new daytime. But 12:00 is midnight, at exactly 12.

Midnight is 12am exactly not 1 second back or after.

And just within case 12am is confusing 12 am occur at night not at lunchtime. 12 am tuesday is 12 am tuesday (that would be the 12 am between monday and tuesday .......12 am tuesday is the end of monday AND the emergence of tuesday

the 12 am right after 11:59 PM Tuesday . . would be . . ..can you guess? . ..12 am WEDNESDAY Tuesday August 8, 2006 ends at midnight. So on Tuesday at 11:59:59 it is one second before midnight on Tuesday. One second after that will be midnight Tuesday. At the least amount of time after midnight it become Wednesday morning not midnight.

For your situation your landlord shouldn't enjoy used the word midnight since it can be confusing. But he should have specified 11:59 p.m. Tuesday if it be that important. I own always believed that midnight is at the lapse of the day. Morning is at the genesis. I think that midnight begin the day.
For nouns sake I will talk of the 24 hour clock system. If you reason of 23h00:00 (11PM) Tuesday night, it is clearly Tuesday hours of darkness. There is one hour left contained by the day in attendance are 60 minutes in the hour. The hour go from 23h00:00 until 23h59:59 - that is sixty minutes (3600 seconds).
Midnight is 00h00:00.
If you do not see it this mode then you would own to see each hour inauguration at 00h00:01 or 00h01. The beginning of respectively hour, and each minute would be at 1 second after (or 1/100th of a second after and so on).
If you chew over of an analog clock face and how we device time, it is clear that the beginning spot is the top of the clock (the 12). Definately call a halt of Tuesday

Your manager needs to stop and smell the roses.
You stipulation to get a directive student.
Galileo could help.
Now I be aware of mixed up. Thank you. midnight both starts and ends the day. 'tuesday at midnight' typically technique staying up tuesday evening until midnight. that same midnight, however, is the same midnight which begin wednesday. 'last night at midnight' manner you stayed up last dark until midnight. 'tomorrow at midnight' means you stay up tomorrow. but when enclose a period larger than a time from midnight to midnight, 'midnight' simultaneously ends one day and begin the next.

I know on my clocks, the date changes at midnight at the origination of the day, so midnight on Tuesday is the totally beginning of Tuesday. However, Wikkipedia say that, unfortunately, you are BOTH right- it's get underway to interpretation and considered vague. Check out the article.


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