What does getting ready mean?

Question:when you say i am getting ready to go to bed ,what does it mean?

does it mean you are ready = you are going to bed now

or,,you are going to go get ready so you can go to sleep?

It means you are on your way to bed.. or on your way to the store... duh
You are preparing for what you are about to do.
Come on, you are not pulling our legs, are you?
It means "to get prepared" or "to be prepared"
I think it means like putting on pajamas, tidying up things that you don't want around in the morning, brushing teeth, etc.
for me it means brushing my teeth and washing my face.
Getting ready to goto bed just gives us something to say.. as people we love to talk its natural.. Plus we give other an idea of whats going on.
You have a list of jobs to do and getting ready for bed is next on your list.
No if I was ready for bed there would be no "getting " left to do!..When I get ready for bed, I make sure doors are locked, cats have fresh water, my meditation/prayers are finished,my teeth are brushed, and I am clean!! ;) When I am ready for bed, all this is done, and I am on my way into bed
this is an example of how simplicity can be simply complicated. this is like asking what does a girl mean when she says to her boyfriend "you are getting too far" when actually he is getting too close. getting ready to go to bed simply means getting yourself and your bed cleaned up so you can retire comfortably and go to sleep.
getting ready to go to bed, there are some 'rituals' performed by some ppl before they actually climbed in between the sheets, drink a glass of warm milk, brushed their teeth, removed the make-up, apply moisturiser, tied-up/brush their hair, dimmed the light, locked the doors, kissed their kids goodnite, tucked them in, changed into their pajamas/nities, listened to soft, soothing music, fluff the pillows, set the alarm & climbed in between the sheets & turn off the lights before closing their eyes. some does all those & more, some, less. so what did you do before you gets into yuor bed??
it means you're about to finish everything you have to do before going to bed

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