Pinoy Slang! Could you please help me out?

Question:What does these words mean?
Alaws kasing bread
Dobol kros

If you know Joey Arrogante's SANDALANGIN, could you please rephrase it for me in a very comprehensive manner?
Thank you.

Pinoy Slang.
If you know tagalog this is very easy. You can actually guess what it means by the way it is used in the sentence.
1. Dyahi (nakakahiya) an embarrassing situation.
2. Alaws kasing bread (Wala kasing pera) no money / poor.
3. Pang-score (pangbili) to score is to buy.
4. Dobol Kros. Double Cross - dishonour an agreement.
5. Pagkakalser - I do not know!! (must be wrong spelling)
what do u mean
What you talking about, write something in english!

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