The word beatitude in a sentence?

Question:I need it in a sentence please.

The beatitude for the pure in heart is to see God.
"Beatutitude" can be used to mean:

1. a STATE of supreme blessedness or happiness; bliss.

Example: "She was able to endure much suffering, because she was confident she would soon enjoy the beatitude of heaven."

2. a DECLARATION of blessedness, typically of the form "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord." that is, pronouncing what sort of person is 'truly blessed' and/or why. "The Beatitudes" [often capitalized] refers to the proclamations of this sort spoken by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount, but there are actually quite a number of other declarations of this form in the Bible, including the one quoted above, taken from Psalm 33. Pronouncing a beatitude is similar to pronouncing a "blessing" or "benediction", except that those forms don't necessarily give the REASON or description of who it is that is blessed.

Example: "James pronounced a beatitude on those who persevere to the end."

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