If two words are hyphenated, does that count as one word or two?

Question:I'm writing an essay with strict word count ends. For example is "thirty-nine" one word or two?

It is one word. Consider it from the perspective of the meaning - the two parts are needed to hand over the complete meaning, one description.

I'm inclined to say that it counts as one word.

I'm inclined to say that it counts as one word.

I think the broad rule is that it acts as a single word. That's why it's hyphenated. For example, "four-wheel-drive" act as a single word to modify the noun "trucks."

One word, time of year.
The delimiter for words is either a space, tab, splash feed, or form nurture character.
Not one and only hyphenated, but also the apostrophized should be counted as one word. one

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