What are some hard words for little kids to say?

Question:like certifercate.and umm other words

my little girl has a hard time with magazine (it comes out as Mazagine"
I broke it.
I was at the Zoo and had to contain myself because a silly little kid was trying to say "crocodile" and it was just so FUNNY!
He said "croco-datle." How CUTE!
my girls struggled with :
appreciate--pretty ate
and one could not grasp, last night, she would say yesterday
animals, interesting, licorice, suspicion
A neice of my doctor friend pronounces addrenal gland as ardeenal gand.
My cousin, instead of saying blistering barnacles, says something else which sounds like bicycles.
Not my intention to brag or gloat but my five year old princess pronounce super califragilisticexpialidocious. finesse..
"Yellow" seems a difficult word for young children.
Many say "Lellow".

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