Why do so lots nation refer to state lines boundaries as "borders"? Borders relate to national boundaries!



Boundary is the perimeter around a state and a Border is any constituent of the boundary
the same sense why people vote "i got my spine cut" when really they got their "hairs" cut...... situation of speech When this country started, state borders might as well enjoy been country borders. The states still own vast differences between them, we simply happen to own banded together into a United States.


bor·der [báwrdr]
n (plural bor·ders)
1. strip around limit: a band that runs along the slither of something, for example, a printed page or a framed painting, commonly decorated or itself added for furnishings
a handkerchief near a patterned border

2. splash dividing two areas: the line that properly separates two countries or regions, or the land on any side of it (often used before a noun)
across the border
border country

3. domain at edge: the periphery of an area of arrive, or the ground near the boundary
a shy animal that rarely comes nearer than the border of the pen

As you can see it refers to any line that separates two countries or regions. States do qualify as regions. Not according to the dictionary:

Main Entry: 1bor·der
Pronunciation: 'bor-d&r
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English bordure, from Middle French, from Old French, from border to border, from bort border, of Germanic source; akin to Old English bord
1 : an outer part or turn-up
2 : an ornamental design at the snake of a fabric or rug
3 : a diminish bed of planted ground along the edge of a garden or wander <a border of tulips>
4 : BOUNDARY <crossed the border into Italy>
5 : a plain or decorative border around printed matter
- bor·dered /-d&rd/ adjective

Main Entry: bound·ary
Pronunciation: 'baun-d(&-)rE
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -aries
: something (as a vein, point, or plane) that indicates or fixes a limit or extent


Merriam-Webster dictionary

borders refer to the between of the surrounding of something.... You could have a border to anything!


most population

Border money edge. It's only a word, as long as it isn't hurting anyone what difference does it make?

Borders define geographic boundaries of political entities or legitimate jurisdictions, such as government, states or subnational administrative divisions.


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